Sunday, August 9, 2015

Learning in Action!

Welcome from the Motorcycle Mavericks reading group!
We spent the first week establishing some rules so our reading group runs smoothly. These include:
  • listening to the person who is talking
  • taking turns with the resources
  • giving everybody some thinking time to share ideas and opinions
  • celebrating when we are successful!    
We also created some learning goals. The most popular one being, how do we read 'hard' words?

Over the coming weeks we will be working on how to break these 'hard' words into familiar sounds and use this knowledge to help us read tricky words.

We have also been reviewing what good readers do. Here are the ones we will be focusing on
  • talk about the pictures before reading the text, making links to what we already know
  • stop at a tricky word and look along the whole word to help me read it
  • break words into chunks I know. For example: sh-out-ed
  • check my guess with the picture
  • ask myself - does my reading sound right? does it look right? 
  • miss the tricky word out and read on to the end of the sentence, then go back and think about what would make sense.
This week we have been focusing on suffixes ( knowing suffixes helps us to look right to the end of the word so we can read it- instead of just looking at the first sound!)

We played some games where we had to add different endings onto root words and write these down.
We became familiar with what a 'root' word is and how to add and take away a suffix.

 We even have a reading group mascot!  He knows all about tricky words! Great work, Motorcycle Mavericks!!

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