Saturday, September 12, 2015

What have the Motorcycle Mavericks been up to?

Over the past few weeks we have been concentrating on combining decoding strategies to work out tricky words.

We have been using the book mark
(pictured in this blog) to remind us of all of the many strategies we can use to ensure our reading is accurate.

We look along the word to find familiar chunks such as blends, word endings and some medial sounds most often, now we need to check using other information, such as thinking about whether our guess makes sense and asking ourselves if the picture supports our guess too.

In order to build understanding of the texts they are reading, the boys have been spending several minutes making predictions and discussing each page in greater detail before reading.  This really sets the boys up for success!

The boys love an element of competition, so they earn points based on meeting the reading session goals. These points are sent back to the classroom to add to their Classroom Dojo total.

As we progress through the programme we will be working on

  • finding ways to understand what the more sophisticated vocabulary in the text means
  • Filling in missing words to complete sentences - this helps us to think about what makes sense
  • building our knowledge about how to make new words by making and breaking sounds

Don't forget to come and join us this Friday! 

Here is the invite...

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