ALL Staff

The ALL intervention is led by Mrs Alana Cantley, one of the two Deputy Principals at Reremoana School. Mrs Cantley has been a school leader at a number of schools over the last 15 years, and also has a strong literacy background. She also led the ALL intervention at a previous school, and is knowledgeable about the content, strategies for implementing literacy successfully and ways to promote and develop literacy success throughout the school. Mrs Cantley will work closely with the two ALL teachers to support them as they work with the selected students. Miss Jo Pulman is the ALL teacher responsible for teaching a group of Year 3 students. Miss Pulman has a strong literacy background, having completed an intensive three-year Literacy programme at her previous school. This included many teacher workshops to develop knowledge of word study and spelling, gain fluency in reading, use strategies to gain understandings of a text, develop self-correction skills and games and activities to develop reading skills. Mrs Nicola Williams also has a passion and love of teaching Literacy. Mrs Williams is the ALL teacher responsible for teaching a group of Year 2 students, and she will use her considerable experience to develop her students' reading skills. Mrs Williams has worked with students to develop their literacy in both Reremoana School in the past, and in previous schools. She will combine teaching approaches such as shared reading with small-group guided reading and word study/spelling to promote successful decoding (reading the words accurately) and comprehension (understanding) of the texts the students read.

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