Explanation of ALL

The ALL intervention is initiated by the Ministry of Education, and is designed to help schools accelerate the achievement of students in literacy. These students have been identified as not making the expected rate of progress for their age group and time at school. Extra literacy instruction is given to these students each week so that they receive their class instruction and approximately 2 hours extra during the week. The ALL instruction is specific to the students' needs and focused on the areas that will make the greatest improvement most quickly. Students are assessed before and during the intervention to find out their literacy needs, and teachers then design the work so that these areas are taught. Each session with the ALL teacher lasts about 30 minutes. At Reremoana School, students from a range of classes are included in each group. The teachers have some of their own students as well as students identified and selected from other classes at the same year level. These students come into the teacher's class, work with the teacher and then return to their own class. The teacher closely monitors the work and progress of each student and frequently discusses the child's progress and achievement with their class teacher. The ALL intervention lasts for 15 weeks (a term and a half) and will run throughout Term 3 and half of Term 4. Parent support is vital to the success of this intervention, and teachers hope to maintain close and frequent contact with families to ensure students make the best rate of progress possible.

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