Year 2 ALL

Mrs Williams has made a great start working with her Year 2 group: We have had a fun week with the ALL group - but we have also had a lot of illness - and many absences.  Hopefully next week we will all be back to full strength.  This week we have really been paying close attention to word beginnings and word endings - as we realise it does not work, just to think about what makes sense.

In conjunction with this, we have also begun on a word work programme that involves such things as

segmenting - breaking words up in to parts - given a whole word, children can separate the sounds
clapping -    cl -a - pp- ing

blending - bringing sounds together. Given the sounds -children can bring them together to form the word bl -e-n-d-ing  - blending.

substitution - swapping one sound for another "What word would I have if I swap the fl in flap for a 't' sound  - tap"

deletion - what would I have if I take the l sound off the word 'late' - ate?

All this work will help children recognise words - and give them more 'tools' to help work out unknown words.

We have had some pretty tricky texts this week and had some fun with ants and worms and magnifying glasses.  Some the texts we have had have been printed off a website, as we really want unseen texts as we focus on decoding.  We will also be using the IPADS in the future and 'sunshine on line' -so readers that come home might not necessarily match what we have read in class.

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